10 Tips on How To Start Running

Starting a new exercise routine can often be a daunting and intimidating task. We help ease you into a running routine with 10 easy yet effective tips.

Today many people are becoming aware of the need to incorporate exercise into their daily regimen. While a large portion of the population has been in tune to the benefits of working out and fitness training for many years now, increasing numbers of people are just recognizing the need for exercise. The American Heart Association, in conjunction with other prestigious groups, has been promoting the benefits of cardiovascular workouts which includes running. Several studies over the past couple of decades have proven that proper fitness leads to a variety of health benefits including better sleeping habits, a boost in metabolism, improved cardiovascular health and of course a longer life span.

Obesity is one of the most challenging problems seen in the United States. Even gaming companies have taken steps to create interactive games that get kids moving while standing in front of the television. Running remains one of the most effective physical actives when it comes to keeping your body healthy. The only trouble is that people who are new to running often have difficulty learning how to start running in such a way as to avoid injury. Explore the benefits and useful tips in this concise guide on how to start running.

How To Start Running Tip #1: The Importance of Being Prepared

One of the very first things anyone who is interested in taking up running should do is obtain medical clearance from a physician before setting out on that exciting first run. This is especially true for people who have led extremely sedentary lifestyles and/or for older or overweight adults. There are a few health risks involved with beginning a vigorous workout routine, therefore it is imperative to have a physical exam and your doctor's approval. It is not likely that your physician will advise you not to run but he/she may want to run a few tests to be sure your heart is healthy enough for this type of exercise. In some cases you might be advised to begin with brisk walking and speed up gradually over a period of weeks or months.

How To Start Running Tip #2: Get a Good Pair of Running Shoes

Buying the proper shoes is also quite important as wearing the wrong shoes could lead to back injury, shin splints and many other injuries or strains. There are shoes which are designed specifically for running and you will want to be sure to purchase good ones before beginning. Keep in mind that you do get what you pay for so try not to skimp when it comes to buying yourself a great pair of running shoes. Remember, these shoes are going to offer the support you need to succeed and help prevent you from sustaining injuries unnecessarily. Do yourself a favor and research a broad spectrum of running shoes before making a choice.

It's worth going to a specialty shop to buy a pair of running shoes as they are usually pretty knowledgeable about running. Make sure that the salesperson looks at the shape and arch of your foot to figure out the best shoes for you.

How To Start Running Tip #3: Run With Others

Starting any exercise routine is always much more fun when you have someone to share it with. The buddy system works well with diets, working out at the gym and of course running. If you have a good running partner you can support each other and offer encouragement on days when you just cannot seem to get motivated. In addition, a long run goes by much faster when you have a companion with you. This person can be a family member, a best friend or even your significant other. Not only will finding a running partner benefit you, but it will also be a great way to help someone else to get into shape right along with you.

Running clubs are a good find other like minded runners at your level. Most running clubs have weekday and weekend run for runners of all levels. Some clubs even have more advanced training programs like weekly track workouts. You can find running clubs in your area on our directory of running clubs.

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