How to Burn More Calories Running

Running is one of the best exercises around for burning fat and calories.

Running at a moderate pace of about seven miles per hour can burn almost 800 calories per hour, enough to offset that mega calorie dessert you consumed over the weekend. The problem is when you do the same running routine every day your body adjusts to the intensity and becomes more efficient causing you to burn less fat and calories for the same amount of exercise. This is a signal that its time to change your running routine, particularly if you're running for weight loss. Some simple changes to your routine can help to kick start your ability to burn calories so you can continue to lose weight and make fitness gains. Here are some simple ways to burn more calories running:

Run outside

If you've been running indoors on a treadmill, one way to burn more calories running is to take it outside. The uneven terrain, wind resistance, and temperature changes make running outdoors harder from a cardiovascular and calorie burning perspective. In fact, you'll burn about five percent more calories when you run outdoors than you will on a treadmill. Plus, running outdoors is more motivating and stimulating than running indoors which may cause you to run longer and harder.

Do interval training

This is one of the most effective ways to burn more calories running. Interval training involves running at a slow, steady pace for a few minutes followed by a minute or two or intense exertion to significantly elevate your heart rate. Not only do you burn more calories while you're doing interval training but the calorie burn continues for several hours after you finish your run which means more total calories burned throughout the day. Try running three minutes at a slower, sustained pace and then pick up your speed until you're breathing heavily for one minute. Return to a slower pace for three minutes and keep alternating. Be sure to check with your doctor before attempting interval training particularly if you have a personal or family history of heart disease, high blood pressure, or diabetes.

Take a green tea extract before your run

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that men given a green tea extract containing 350 mg. of EGCG before conducting a fitness test increased the rate at which they metabolized fat by a whopping seventeen percent. Although you would likely get the same effect by drinking green tea, an average cup of green tea has only 25 mg of EGCG which means you'd have to drink more than 14 cups to get the quantity used in the study. If you already take a green tea supplement, take it before you start exercising to help burn more calories running.

Jog or run through water or sand

If you have the chance to run on the beach, not only will your run be more enjoyable but you'll also burn around thirty percent more calories running in the sand than you will on pavement. To really enhance your ability to burn more calories running, try running through water. The added resistance causes you to burn almost twice the calories as you would on dry land.

Not only will these measures help you burn more calories running, they'll also add some variety to your routine to keep you motivated and working your hardest. If you want to get more out of your workout program, give these ideas a try.

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