Should You Run Alone?

Running is truly a versatile form of exercise. It doesn’t require a gym membership and can be a social sport or an entirely solitary one.

Although some people prefer to run alone to use the time spent running to think, dream, and even meditate, others prefer the solace of running companions who share their interest in the sport. Thus, the popularity of running clubs where groups of people meet as a group to run and socialize. Running alone offers some advantages as well as disadvantages over running with a companion or group. Here are some considerations:

If you run alone, you may get a better workout

When you choose to run alone, you're able to go at your own pace without having to match strides with someone else's who may not be as advanced or motivated as you are. On the other hand, if you run with someone who's an advanced runner and in great cardiovascular shape, they may actually help you improve your speed and endurance. If you're concerned with getting the best workout possible and don't want to run alone, choose an exercise partner who's a pro or at least highly motivated and you can challenge yourself to reach new fitness levels.

If you run alone, it can be relaxing

There's something soothing and peaceful about running alone. Solitary running is a great way to clear your head and enjoy the scenery without worrying about making conversation. If you tend to be an introvert or ill at ease in social situations, you'll probably feel more comfortable hitting the streets or trails alone. Chances are you'll be confronted with so much interesting that you won't need the stimulation of running with a partner.

It's safer running in pairs or groups

If you run alone at night or in the early morning hours and you don't live in a safe area, running with a partner or a group can give you added security. There's definitely more safety in numbers when it comes to running in unsafe areas. If you prefer solitary running, try to run during the day when there are more people around.

Group running can be a way to meet people with common interests

If you're the only one in your neighborhood who runs, you may feel isolated from other runners. One way to overcome this is to join a local running club where you have the option of running in a group or and running alone when you feel so inclined. Joining a running club will give you a chance to make new friends and network with other runners as well as get training advice.

Whether you choose to run with a companion, a group, or as a solitary unit, keep running! Nothing challenges the heart or clears the mind better than a good run.

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