Jog Yourself Sexy

Jogging makes you fit and healthy, but also increases your sex appeal.

By getting lean and fit, you look more attractive to other people, and feel more confident, and sexy, on the inside. Jogging also makes your body more efficient and boosts blood flow. By going for a jog regularly, you get healthier, increase feel-good hormone levels, and may even make yourself richer and more intelligent. Now that's sexy!

Jogging Triggers Weightloss

Regular jogging burns off excess calories and eliminates body fat. It makes you lose weight, gives your muscles tone, and improves posture. All these factors increase your self confidence, which boosts your sex appeal. Regular jogging also helps you to feel good about yourself, and therefore more deserving of the love of others.

Jogging Increases Blood Flow

Regular exercise, such as jogging, makes your heart stronger and more efficient. This boosts blood flow all around the body, and can wake up your erogenous zones. Running also releases pleasure hormones called endorphins, which are also released during sexual activity.

Jogging Improves Body Image

By paying attention to your body, and seeing it grow stronger and more toned, you grow to love it. Lack of a positive body image affects your overall confidence and posture. A 2008 study, published in the journal NeuroImage, found that it takes less than a second for most people to judge the sexiness of others. If you feel shy and awkward due to poor body image, others are less likely to find you sexy. Get to know your body through regular jogging, and other people are more likely to want to get to know you!

Jogging Increases Earnings

A 2011 study, at Cleveland State University, found that people who exercise three times per week can expect to earn up to 9 percent more than their lazier colleagues. This is because regular exercise, such as jogging, increases mental alertness, boosts energy levels, and raises confidence. Regular exercise also makes other people perceive you as being more determined, and therefore more deserving of a raise. An increased salary makes you more confident, and thus sexier!

Jogging Boosts Intelligence

A 2009 study at the Swedish Centre for Brain Repair found that being fit boosts IQ levels. The research indicates that fitness boosts circulation, and improves lung capacity. This raises the amount of oxygen getting to the brain, and thus increases your intelligence. As everybody knows, smart is sexy! A 2009 study, published in Evolution & Human Behaviour, found that women were far likelier to find men sexy if they perceived them as intelligent and creative.

Jogging regularly can transform your entire life by making your fitter, healthier, more intelligent, and sexier. Set a goal to start jogging today, and those around you will soon start to notice the difference.

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