How to Run Hills Quicker

Running uphill burns calories, builds strength and strengthens your heart muscle.

If you run marathons competitively, it's important to master hills, especially if you run a course like the Boston marathon. Fortunately, there are ways to make an uphill run faster and easier. Here's how to run quicker uphill.

How to Run Up a Hill Quicker

Proper technique is essential for running uphill. Some people waste unnecessary energy tackling a hill, which slows them down. Practice running uphill while keeping your knees low to the ground and taking short strides. This will reduce the energy you expend and make hill running easier.

Another way to run quicker uphill is to lean forward slightly as you run. This carries your momentum towards the top of the hill and helps you gain speed. Pump your arms in a forward motion as you run, not side to side. Flailing your arms to the sides wastes energy and slows you down. Make sure your arm movements are synchronous with your legs when you run.

When you approach the top of a hill, don't slow down. Maintain your pace until you're completely over the top before allowing yourself to recover.

Another trick that will help you better deal with hills psychologically is to look straight ahead, not down at the ground or up towards the top of the hill. This helps you maintain focus rather than worrying about how much more hill there is to run.

Why Should You Even Worry about Running Uphill?

If you can tackle a hill successfully, the rest of a run or race is a piece of cake. Learning to run uphill like a pro is psychologically satisfying, and if you run marathons, it's a necessity. Many marathon runners haven't mastered hills, and, if you have, it gives you an advantage over your competitors. Plus, running uphill will make you a stronger runner overall.

Run Quicker Uphill: The Bottom Line?

Learn the proper technique for running uphill, and practice hill running twice a week during your regular run. It will empower you psychologically and make you a more competitive runner. Make hills a part of your running workout.

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