Do You Really Need the Gym to Stay Fit?

In recent times, the increasing craze about fitness has seen an explosion in the number of gyms.

There is a good chance that most of us live close enough to at least a couple of them. With rows upon rows of treadmills, barbells and dumbbells, are we really getting fitter? A lot of us have surely asked ourselves – do you really need to go to a gym to stay fit?

Some of us are not preoccupied with the size of our biceps or triceps. For a lot of people, fitness is just about feeling and staying healthy. There is no doubt that there are a lot of advantages to working out in a gym. You increase your cardiovascular endurance, strength and overall flexibility. However, it is definitely not mandatory to purchase a gym membership in order to stay fit. You can perform proper exercises for all your body parts with just a pair of dumbbells and a stability ball. If you have been exercising regularly in a gym, then there is absolutely no reason to stop. But if you are someone who often cannot find the time to drive to your local fitness center and put in a hard workout, there is no need to despair.

Without using any weights whatsoever, you can still get into extremely good shape. Simply by using your bodyweight as resistance, there are a number of exercises you can perform to get into the best shape of your life. A lot of exercise purists argue that after attaining a certain level of strength, your body simply doesn't offer enough resistance anymore. This is completely untrue because you can use advanced training techniques such as supersets and intervals to introduce variations to your exercises. Simply adding a strategic pause during the positive or negative movement of a lift can increase its difficulty greatly.

You can use simple equipment such as resistance bands, phone books and even towels to fashion a great workout for yourself. A lot of people experience back and knee pains after a few years of lifting heavy weights. If you aren't concerned with bragging about how much you can bench, there are other avenues you can pursue to keep yourself in shape.

Running is a great exercise that can help you burn fat and increase your endurance. You can also get a couple of friends along to make it a fun exercise. If you are someone who cannot find the time to put in an hour at the gym daily, simply running for 15-20 minutes daily can have a profound impact on your fitness levels.

While some form of exercise is necessary to keep up your fitness levels, you need not make exercise the focus of your life. Whenever you find time at home, you can do simple exercises such as pushups. Anyone can spare 10 minutes for doing some pushups at home. Find some activities that you enjoy doing, such as swimming or yoga. A lot of these activities are group based, so you can socialize with other people while you exercise. There are many ways to stay fit. Choose the fitness or performance goal that you feel is desirable for you, and then pick an activity that coincides with that goal. And most importantly, have fun while you do it.

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