How to Lose Weight at Work: Easy Ways to Shed Pounds at the Office

Are you inspired by shows like The Biggest Loser, but know that spending four months at the ranch with Jillian Michaels wouldn’t fit in your work schedule?

Do you watch Dance Your Ass Off or Celebrity Fit Club wondering how you're supposed to lose weight at work when you're living in the real world instead of the world of reality television? It's difficult to lose weight when you're confined to a desk, but you no longer have to try extreme diets or to make healthy changes at work. These simple tips can help you lose weight at work without going to boot camp.

Get Moving

You want to tone up, but going to the gym during lunch break just doesn't make sense. After all, no one likes a smelly co-worker. Invest in some five pound hand weights you can leave at your desk. Whenever you have a free moment, just do some bicep curls and arm raises in the comfort of your own cubicle. Start with several repetitions of ten and rest when your muscles feel fatigued. Do this for just a week, and you'll definitely start to feel a difference.

Are you in a highly trafficked area? Invest in some leg weights. You can Velcro them around your ankles and do leg raises under your desk. Just by typing at the computer and working different leg muscles all day, you will notice that your quads look firmer and your calves look more sculpted. It won't break the bank either; you can buy hand and leg weights for less than ten dollars at discount stores.

Walk It Out

Here's some advice the fashion forward may not appreciate: don't wear high heels to work. There are plenty of shoes that are more comfortable to walk in and just as office appropriate as high heels; try ballet flats or kitten heels instead. Wearing comfortable footwear will help you lose weight at work, because you will be able to move more easily. Why should you give up those heels when your calves look so good in them? It's simple: the easier it is to walk around all day, the more you will. It's difficult to take the stairs in heels, but you're less likely to take the elevator if you are wearing comfortable shoes. And since climbing stairs burns ten calories per minute, why would you choose the elevator anyway?

Also, instead of reading the newspaper or calling a friend during breaks, try walking around the parking lot with other coworkers looking to shed some pounds. Any time you make a phone call, pace around the office. It may not seem like much, but even this small change will help you lose weight at work. Walking around for half an hour can burn up to eighty calories.

Drink More Water

Water is your secret weapon to beating mindless munching throughout the day. Are you bored of chugging water all day? It's true that water fountains aren't always taste as refreshing as they should be. Try crystal light packets that only set you back five calories per serving. If you use plastic water bottles, you can reuse them throughout the day and recycle them when you get home.

Water will also help you feel fuller, clear your complexion, flush out toxins, and prevent headaches. Next time you want to reach for those candies at the office, grab a sip of water instead. After all, with your daily walks, bicep curls, and leg lifts, you'll definitely need to hydrate.

It is possible to reach your weight loss goals while working full time. Just make a conscious effort to incorporate more exercise and less junk food into your diet, and you will notice a difference in your body within weeks.

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