How to Improve Your Running and Develop Strength and Stamina
Do you want to know how to improve your running? Whether you're running for fitness, weight loss, stress relief, or competitively, it's important to continuously challenge yourself in order to increase your speed and stamina and help promote weight control. Plus, by challenging yourself, you make your workout more interesting which helps to maintain your motivation. Here are some ideas to ...(Read More)
Treadmill vs. Outside Running: Which is Best?
Running is one of the best exercises around. Not only does it burn significant calories and fat, but it strengthens the cardiovascular system more efficiently than almost any other form of exercise. Many people who run outdoors enjoy the variety and stimulation of seeing the scenery change and breathing in the fresh air, but, unfortunately, weather can intervene. For this reason, many ...(Read More)
Sports Drinks and Their Effect on Your Exercise Performance
If you’re a serious runner, particularly if you run marathons, you understand the importance of good hydration and replacement of electrolytes such as sodium and potassium. These critical components are often depleted from the body through the process of sweating during vigorous exercise. Even if you do an aggressive workout in the gym, you can have a significant loss of fluid and ...(Read More)
The Art of Choosing Women’s Running Shoes
If you’re an enthusiastic female runner, you know how quickly you can go through a pair of running shoes. That’s why it’s important to pick a quality pair of shoes that will withstand frequent usage and, most of all, help to prevent a running injury. There is a dizzying array of women's running shoes available these days which makes choosing the right pair a challenge for even the most ...(Read More)
The Amazing Benefits of Deep Water Running
Running is one of the best forms of cardiovascular around. Unfortunately, running lots of miles not only puts stress on the joints, but also increases the risk of injury. Long distance runners who run outside on hard pavement are particularly prone to overuse injuries such as plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis. Runners who experience these types of overuse syndromes are often forced ...(Read More)
Training for a 5K the Easy Way
All it takes for some people is a 5K run. They get bitten by the running bug and then they’re off, competing in races until they achieve what becomes their ultimate goal. Some people take up running to lose weight and get fit; others do it after committing to raising funds for charity by taking part in an organized race. Whatever the reason to take up running, it's great exercise and one ...(Read More)
Cycling For Fitness & Fun
Remember when you were a kid, and you would leave your house on your bike in the morning and not come home until dinner? We rode our bikes all over town! From the creek to the Quick Stop for a cold drink and candy, then to the ball field for a pick up game. Our bicycles logged more miles than we could count. It was the form of transportation for most of our childhood. Not only did we get ...(Read More)
Build Your Jogging Workout by Using the 1-Minute Method
Are you thinking of taking up jogging but know that you can't run for very long before getting tired and stopping? Well, the first and most important thing to do is to not be ashamed. Everybody has to start somewhere, and anyone who decides to seriously take up some kind of cardio workout deserves to be commended! One great trick to help you build up your endurance is to add one more ...(Read More)
Should you eat before running?
Do you run first thing in the morning? Pounding the pavement as soon as you wake up has its advantages. If you run outdoors, it can be a peaceful exercising in the solitude of the early morning hours. Plus, you get it out of the way before you have time to think of a reason not to do it. But, what about fuel for the run? Should you eat before running or is it best to run on an empty ...(Read More)
Jog Yourself Sexy
Jogging makes you fit and healthy, but also increases your sex appeal. By getting lean and fit, you look more attractive to other people, and feel more confident, and sexy, on the inside. Jogging also makes your body more efficient and boosts blood flow. By going for a jog regularly, you get healthier, increase feel-good hormone levels, and may even make yourself richer and more intelligent. ...(Read More)
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