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Running Log

With our free online running log you can log and track all of your workouts. You can use your online running log to easily record all of your workouts, view your own personal calendar, view your progress in detailed graphs and track the usage of your running shoes. And best of all the online running log is free, so create your free online running log and start tracking your training today!

Online Running Log
View and record workouts by day, week or month
Shoe Tracker
Log your workouts along with the total miles on your shoes
Training Reports
Track your progress daily and view your workout and total results

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Create Your Free Running Log

   Why use a Running Log?
  1. To Keep Track of Your Running Achievements - Smart runners have learned to keep an online running log to keep a record of their running achievements. Our free online running log all you to track your workouts alling with your races.
  2. Tracking Shoe Changes - Tracking your shoe usage is very important. Keeping a record of when you start or discontinue a pair of running shoes, especially if you switch to a different model or brand, is necessary identify if there is a problem with the shoes.
  3. As a Record of Your Running Legacy - A running log records all the details of your running experiences. It becomes a record of your running progress, of your Personal Bests when they happen, of pleasant runs and of friends who you run with. Our free online running log will simplify this for you.
  4. As a Way to Prevent Injuries - A running log preserves the pattern of your running. By recording your mileage, your shoe mileage, etc. you can prevent injuries by making sure your running do not exceed the 10% rule (i.e., you never exceed the previous week's total running by more than 10%). This is especially critical when preparing for a new distance.
  5. As a Tool for Reaching Your Goals - Yogi Berra said, "If you aim for nothing in particular, you'll hit it every time!" A running plan gives you something to aim for. This does mean that you have to become obsessive and aim to win every race, but to have some clear goals and to have a plan to reach those goals. Your free online running log makes it easy to set your goals and to track your progress toward those goals.
  6. As a Tool for Evaluating Your Training Tactics - Having a record of how you prepared for a particular race can help you make decisions about how you might prepare differently or better for your next race. Your free online running log can give you valuable data for making smart decisions for your upcoming races.

   My Running Log!
After you create your free online running log, you will be directed to the calendar view of your running log. To add a workout, simply find the day on the calendar, and then click the icon to add a workout to your running log. You can then begin tracking your progress using the calendar view and graph view of your free online running log.