Browse Ultra races in the USA for January 2019

Races are great for running. Having a regular schedule of races is an excellent motivator to get you out the door on days when you would have otherwise stayed in bed in the morning or hit the couch after work.

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Date Race Location
Jan 1, 2019
1 Mile Walk and Run 5K Walk and Run 10K Walk and Run 10 Mile ½ Marathon Marathon Trail Race Ultra 
1K, 15K, 8K, 5 Mile, 15K, 1K, 5 mile, 8K
Jan 26, 2019
Trail Race Ultra 
Distances offered: 7K/11M/22M/54K/108K
Jan 26, 2019
5K Walk and Run Trail Race Ultra 
Tip Of The Day

Set a Date

No matter if it is your first 5K race or your hundredth, when you register for a 5K race it will keep you motivated and on task to reach your goal of running a successful 5K race. By actually setting up a date on your calendar, you pinpoint the time that you have to be ready to step on that starting line of your 5K race.

Prepare a training schedule immediately after booking your 5K race. New runners should begin with light training and build into a longer running routine.

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