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No matter if it is your first 5K race or your hundredth, when you register for a 5K race it will keep you motivated and on task to reach your goal of running a successful 5K race. By actually setting up a date on your calendar, you pinpoint the time that you have to be ready to step on that starting line of your 5K race.

Prepare a training schedule immediately after booking your 5K race. New runners should begin with light training and build into a longer running routine.

Copy of MEDLIFE at UGA's Chocolate Factory 5K

MEDLIFE at UGA is looking into sponsoring a project that will implement safer/ecological stoves in Cusco to address respiratory issues that occur with the communities traditional practices. Over 4 million people a year die from issues caused from cooking over open flames, but families in this area do not have a choice but to cook over open fires. The stoves we plan to implement will reduce the amount of wood used from 10 to 2 kilograms per day on average. These types of stoves also produce 80% less smoke and particulate matter. These are the leading causes of health problems associated with the use of open fires for cooking.

Providing families in the developing world with the opportunity to use fuel-efficient stoves for cooking is an excellent solution to a significant problem. If families were provided with fuel-efficient stoves, not only would health concerns be addressed, but children would be able to attend school more consistently, safety concerns associated with fire wood collection in unsafe areas would be addressed and the terrible burns caused by open fires would be diminished.

Please help us support this crucial element of MEDLIFE's work by sharing the event on Facebook or telling your friends.

For more information about the MEDLIFE at UGA 5K Run, please email medlife.uga@gmail.com. Thank you for your contribution!





Event details and schedule

between 7:00 and 7:30am to receive your Chocolate Factory Goodie Bag, the 5K T-shirt, and race bib. 

Before the race, you can check the gear you don't want to hold on to at our Gear Check table and pick it up once you finish the race!

Please wear running gear appropriate for the weather, along with shoes that are acceptable for running. We encourage dressing up to fit the Chocolate Factory occasion!

Parking: Guests are encouraged to park in the Carlton Street parking deck located off of Smith Street.

The route will follow the UGA 5k Route: (link included below)


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