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Listening to your body is key to avoiding injury and burnout. Your body can actually grow stronger when you are at rest. The process of training includes workouts that are strategically placed along with rest days, which provides stimulation during the activity and recovery when you are at rest. If you are new to running, it is important not to push yourself to hard. Injuries can pop up when training advances too quickly. If your body is giving you warning signs, listen and take the extra time off so you can fully adjust and recover to meet your specific fitness needs.

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When and Where
Event Date:
Saturday, April 22, 2017

Event Location:
Neola, Iowa

Arrowhead Obstacle Trail Run

Arrowhead Obstacle Trail Run is a 5k (3.1 mile) event on the scenic trails of Arrowhead Park near Neola, Iowa featuring 12 obstacles.  All proceeds will benefit the Pottawattamie County Trails Association and thier efforts to build a paved bike and running trail from Council Bluffs through Underwood to Neola.  AOTR will be held on Saturday April 22nd, 2017 beginning at 11:00 AM.

There are 3 wave types to choose from.  If you wish to compete to win choose the Male or Female Competitive Wave.  The top 3 in each will medal and the top 6 will be timed.  If you wish to challenge yourself and beat the crowd, but are not in it to win it, choose the Co-ed Open Competitive Wave.  If you wish to run, jog, or walk for fun at your own pace pick an Open Wave.  Thank you for your interest!

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