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Avoid Skipping Recovery

Listening to your body is key to avoiding injury and burnout. Your body can actually grow stronger when you are at rest. The process of training includes workouts that are strategically placed along with rest days, which provides stimulation during the activity and recovery when you are at rest. If you are new to running, it is important not to push yourself to hard. Injuries can pop up when training advances too quickly. If your body is giving you warning signs, listen and take the extra time off so you can fully adjust and recover to meet your specific fitness needs.


The 4th Annual SUP & RUN 5K event will be held Nathan Benderson Park to benefit Operation Second Chance (OSC). Take a moment to learn more about OSC here: www.OperationSecondChance.org  

The SUP & RUN 5K gives athletes three great races in one to choose from.  A 5K Run, a 5K SUP or a 5K SUP & RUN.  Athletes participating in the combination SUP & RUN, run the 5K first and then hop on their paddle board for a 5K paddle around Nathan Benderson Park.  The event draws top runners and SUP'ers who compete for cash prizes and the not-so-serious athletes have a prominent place in the event.  The SUP & RUN 5K is a family style event.

WALKERS ARE WELCOME and encouraged to attend. 

The SUP & RUN 5K race venue is world-class, the Finisher awards (all finishers receive one) are AMAZING, the race shirts and SWAG are truly head and shoulders above most races and the food & post race celebration party is FUN! FUN!

Event details and schedule



There is ample parking at Nathan Benderson Park.  For those who are renting paddle boards, the boards will be available on race morning.  Volunteers will direct you to the pick-up location.  

If you are renting a board - please arrive no later than 7am to secure your board and paddle. 


Dr. Heidi Anderson, our local dermatologist says..."don't forget your sunscreen!"

Presented by Sarasota Athletic Association, this unique event offers an extraordinarily spectator friendly venue with full bleacher style front and center seating. 

The weather will be warm on race day, so dress appropriately.  The race director will have sunscreen for those who forget to bring theirs!  Kids are welcome and encouraged to come out and participate.  The sooner we get them interested in some sort of sport, the sooner they will meet all of the cool adults, like us! 


Thursday, May 17th from 4pm - 7pm:  1872 Stickney Point Road, Sarasota, 34231.   

Race Morning:  6:30am - 7:30am


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