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Build a Foundation

Add some variety to your exercise routine. Run one day and strength train the next. This will not only hold your interest in the workouts longer, but it will give your body the time it needs for recovery. Additionally, you are covering more muscle groups throughout the body and keeping the workouts motivating and different.

To build up endurance for your 5K race include some interval training as part of your regimen. Use hill sessions and up-tempo to your runs to do this. Hold a steady running pace where you do not feel like you are just about to die, but that you can keep going.

Head to the track for shorter interval runs while learning to pace yourself. Learn to conserve your energy during the first part of the race and then to let go in the second half so you can make it to the finish line of you 5K race.

Dazzle Dash & Family Fun Day

Dazzle Dash & Family Fun Day is a fun-filled community event in support of primary education at Media-Providence Friends School. Friends and families gather to walk or run miles through Rose Tree Park, enjoy food, music, entertainment, prizes, silent auction items, games and activities for children of all ages all while promoting mindful living. We have partnered with Bryn Mawr Racing Company, Healthy Kids Running Series, Brandywine YMCA, and Fair Trade Media to expand program awareness for all involved. This is a rain or shine event. Some activities outside of the run or walk that involve family fun day are weather permitting. As an independent school since 1876, MPFS has the freedom to develop and employ programming that reflects the latest research about how children best learn, and to infuse it with values that teach our students what it means to be a part of a global community. This independence has an economic aspect as well: we are entirely self-funded. Our ability to provide the best experience for students has been due, largely, to the philanthropic contributions of our community. This tradition of giving has enabled the school to sustain its mission: providing a transformational education whose end product is critical thinkers who approach life with optimism, integrity, curiosity, and compassion. At MPFS this means Meaningful Learning for a Purposeful Life. Cost: 3 mile run OR 1.5 mile walk & family fun - $25 until 2/29, $35 until 3/16, $45 through race day; Kids 75yd dash & family fun - $15 until 2/29, $20 until 3/16, $25 through race day.
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