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Build a Foundation

Add some variety to your exercise routine. Run one day and strength train the next. This will not only hold your interest in the workouts longer, but it will give your body the time it needs for recovery. Additionally, you are covering more muscle groups throughout the body and keeping the workouts motivating and different.

To build up endurance for your 5K race include some interval training as part of your regimen. Use hill sessions and up-tempo to your runs to do this. Hold a steady running pace where you do not feel like you are just about to die, but that you can keep going.

Head to the track for shorter interval runs while learning to pace yourself. Learn to conserve your energy during the first part of the race and then to let go in the second half so you can make it to the finish line of you 5K race.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

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Anytown, Tennessee

Virtually Crazy Run - 8K

Join us for a FREE Socially Distant 8k and support local businesses, charities and individuals who are struggling with the current pandemic. Plus, register before June 15th and get the performance race t-shirt for just $8 (plus shipping)! Virtually Crazy is a fun and relaxed 8k that takes you on a tour of the best parts of your hometown. This race is a celebration of what makes your community strong! You, your running team, your friend who’s never run in their life–everyone is welcome! And by signing up now, you’ll be taking strides to help us help each other. We’ve committed that every dollar raised will directly benefit non-profits, local businesses and individuals in need. The race starts when the clock ticks over to midnight, July 1st 2020. You’ll have until 11:59 on July 31st 2020 to finish the race (how’s that for letting you pace yourself?). Only your best time counts, so pull out your fitness tracker of choice and get out and run! Choose your own route, or pick from one of our curated courses. You are welcome to complete the 8k anywhere you’d like–as long as you are practicing appropriate safety and social distancing. The impact of the COVID-19 virus are felt at every level of our community. Many people feel powerless to make a difference. By participating in the Virtually Crazy race this year, you not only make a difference in your own life by setting goals and achieving them–you also have the power to help others. During the registration process, you have the option to make a small donation. During the lead-up to the race, you’ll be able to nominate and vote for local charities, businesses and individuals who would benefit from a small cash grant. No matter how big or small your own donation, together we can make a difference.
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Register by June 15th and get the performance race t-shirt for just $8 (plus shipping)

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