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Calendar of 5K Races in California

The 5K distance is the perfect introductory distance for novice runners, as well as a challenging test of endurance and speed for competitive runners. Casual runners who want to take their training to the next level can benefit greatly from a 5K race. The best part of a 5K race is that they are accessible to all fitness types, ages and levels.

Here you will find a listing of the 5K races registered with JogRunRace for California.

Upcoming 5K races in California

Mon, May 27Memorial Day 5K, 10K & Kids 1K Run 2019Hemet, CA
Sat, Jun 13rd Annual RunSBVC 5KSan Bernardino, CA
Thu, Jul 4El Toro Chargers 5KLake Forest, CA
Thu, Jul 25Into the Wild Rockin' Summer Run 5k #1Orange, CA
Thu, Aug 1Into the Wild Rockin' Summer Run 5k #2Orange, CA
Sun, Sep 22Aztec For Life 5kSan Diego, CA
Sun, Sep 29Be The Light 5KValencia, CA, CA
Sat, Oct 19Rugged Maniac 5k Obstacle RaceRancho Murieta, CA
Sun, Nov 10Surfers Point Marathon, Half, 10k & 5kVentura, CA

Recent 5K races in California

Sat, May 25Rugged Maniac 5k Obstacle RacePleasanton, CA
Sat, May 25Rugged Maniac 5k Obstacle RacePleasanton, CA
Sat, May 25Rugged Maniac 5k Obstacle RacePleasanton, CA
Sat, May 18Anaheim Semper 5K & 10K RunAnaheim, CA
Sat, May 11Foam Glow PomonaCascade Locks, CA
Sat, May 112nd Annual Mother's Day Weekend Meso Run/WalkLos Angeles, CA
Sun, Apr 28Bare Burro Nude 5K Trail RunColton, CA
Sun, Apr 28SLO Half Marathon, Relay Races, 5K and Kids RacesSan Luis Obispo, CA
Sat, Apr 2710th Anniversary March for Marrow Los Angeles 5K Run & WalkLong Beach, CA
Sat, Apr 27Credit Union SACTOWN RunSacramento, CA

New/Updated 5K races in California

Thu, Jul 4El Toro Chargers 5KLake Forest, CA

Browse 5K races in California by city

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