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Calendar of 5K Races in Iowa

The 5K distance is the perfect introductory distance for novice runners, as well as a challenging test of endurance and speed for competitive runners. Casual runners who want to take their training to the next level can benefit greatly from a 5K race. The best part of a 5K race is that they are accessible to all fitness types, ages and levels.

Here you will find a listing of the 5K races registered with JogRunRace for Iowa.

Upcoming 5K races in Iowa

Sat, Aug 23Trojan DashFairfield, IA
Sat, Aug 237th Annual Promise Run, Walk, and RollCedar Falls, IA
Sat, Aug 23Color Fun Fest 5K Des MoinesDes Moines, IA
Sat, Aug 23Race To VictoryDavenport, IA
Sat, Aug 23One Hill of a Run '14 - Sherman Hill 5kDes Moines, IA
Sat, Aug 235K RaceDallas Center, IA
Sat, Aug 23Halo 5KBettendorf, IA
Sat, Aug 23Direct Dash 5k/10k for United WayCedar Rapids, IA
Sat, Aug 23Run for Shelter 5kCedar Rapids, IA
Sat, Aug 23Run for Shelter 5kCedar Rapids, IA

Recent 5K races in Iowa

Sat, Aug 16Run The Bases 5K/10KWaterloo, IA
Sat, Aug 16Rave RunCedar Rapids, IA
Sat, Aug 9Steve Kraft Memorial 5K Fun Run/WalkLime Springs, IA
Sat, Aug 9Be The One! 5KManning, IA
Sat, Aug 9MAMM 5K Run/Walk and 10K RunMonroe, IA
Sat, Aug 9Beat the Heat 5K Family Fun Run/WalkTipton, IA
Sat, Aug 9Lisbon Kraut Route 2014Lisbon, IA
Sat, Aug 92014 Hobo Days 5/10kBritt, IA
Sat, Aug 2Wapsi 5KRiceville, IA
Sat, Aug 2Ethan's Tractor Run 5kMarshalltown, IA

New/Updated 5K races in Iowa

Sat, Aug 23Hooley Hustle 5kDubuque, IA
Sat, Aug 30Blairstown Sauerkraut Days 5K Weenee Fun RunBlairstown, IA
Mon, Sep 1Dubuque Benefit Classic 5k & Half MarathonDubugue, IA
Sat, Sep 13Trashmore 5K - Dash to Bash EpilepsyCedar Rapids, IA
Sat, Sep 20Kickoff to Kinnick 5KIowa City, IA
Thu, Sep 25OktemberfestMarshalltown, IA
Sat, Oct 4The Rescue Run 5k Run/Walk 2014Iowa City, IA
Sat, Oct 18From Dusk... Till Dead RunDUBUQUE, IA
Sat, Oct 189th HawkWatch 5k Trail Walk/RunHoney Creek, IA
Sat, Oct 25Quad City Terror Run Supporting the Backwater Gamblers!Bettendorf, IA
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