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Calendar of 5K Races in Kentucky

The 5K distance is the perfect introductory distance for novice runners, as well as a challenging test of endurance and speed for competitive runners. Casual runners who want to take their training to the next level can benefit greatly from a 5K race. The best part of a 5K race is that they are accessible to all fitness types, ages and levels.

Here you will find a listing of the 5K races registered with JogRunRace for Kentucky.

Upcoming 5K races in Kentucky

Sat, Sep 5WCCC Lake Cumberland 5 miler-5k-1 mile Fun RunMonticello, KY
Sat, Sep 12The Filthy 5KMaysville, KY
Sat, Sep 12Autumn Classic 5K/10KHenderson, KY
Sat, Oct 3KY History Half Marathon, 10K, 5K and 1 Mile Fun RunFrankfort, KY
Sat, Oct 35th Annual Loop for Lana 5K Run/WalkCrestview Hills, KY
Sun, Oct 11Trick Or Trot 5kLexington, KY
Sat, Oct 17The Medical Center 10K ClassicBowling Green, KY
Sun, Oct 1816th District PTA 5KLexington, KY

Recent 5K races in Kentucky

Sun, Aug 3011th Annual Friendship City 5KErlanger, KY
Sun, Aug 23Check Your Genes, Know Your DNA 5KCrestview Hills, KY
Sat, Aug 15Reset 5K Walk/RunBurlington, KY
Sat, Aug 152nd Annual Dive for the Finish 5KGrayson, KY
Sat, Aug 8Glow in the Park OwensboroOwensboro, KY

New/Updated 5K races in Kentucky

Sun, Oct 11Trick Or Trot 5kLexington, KY

Browse 5K races in Kentucky by city

5K races in Lexington, KY

Browse running races in Kentucky by city

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