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Calendar of 5K Races in Virginia

The 5K distance is the perfect introductory distance for novice runners, as well as a challenging test of endurance and speed for competitive runners. Casual runners who want to take their training to the next level can benefit greatly from a 5K race. The best part of a 5K race is that they are accessible to all fitness types, ages and levels.

Here you will find a listing of the 5K races registered with JogRunRace for Virginia.

Upcoming 5K races in Virginia

Sat, Mar 3Powhatan State Park Solar 10 Miler & 5kPowhatan, VA
Sat, Mar 24Run for Hills! 5KRichmond, VA
Sat, Mar 24Bunny Hop 5K and 1mile Family Fun RunPortsmouth, VA
Sun, Mar 25The Hill Topper 5KRichmond, VA
Sun, Apr 8Stafford Hospital 5K Run/ WalkStafford, VA
Sat, Apr 14Bishop O'Connell 5KArlington, VA
Sun, Apr 15Lorton Prison Break Dash 5K & 10K Adventure RunLorton, VA
Sun, Apr 222018 Petersburg Half Marathon & 5KPetersburg, VA
Sat, May 5Rugged Maniac 5k Obstacle RacePetersburg, VA
Sun, May 6Full Circle's Round Up The Family 5K & Fun RunHenrico, VA

Recent 5K races in Virginia

Sat, Jan 139th Annual Sandman Extreme - 1/2 Marathon / 9 Miler / 5KWytheville, VA
Mon, Jan 1Furry 5K On New Years Day - Fun Run and WalkStaunton, VA
Mon, Jan 12018 New Year's Day 5KFree Union, VA
Mon, Jan 1New Year's Day 5kReston, VA
Sun, Dec 31ActiveX Mountain RunSan Diego, VA

New/Updated 5K races in Virginia

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